Benefits of Bamboo Socks: From Sustainability to Ultimate Comfort

bamboo fiber material

Bamboo, a type of grass, is so hardy and grows super fast with little intervention. That means little to no irrigation saving tons of water, and no need for pesticides or chemical fertilizers keeping these pollutants out of the environment. Bamboo also prevents soil erosion with its root system and produces a third more oxygen than the same area of trees.

bamboo material sleet and sole

Bamboo is the ultimate renewable fiber source and can be transformed into high performance bamboo yarn with lower environmental impact than other natural and synthetic fiber sources. Bamboo fiber also has inherent qualities like breathability, moisture wicking, odor repellency, durability and super softness which make it the ultimate sustainable fiber source for anything you put on your body, especially your feet!

With bamboo fiber socks you can say goodbye to sweaty, smelly socks forever and say hello to socks that keep your feet dry and odor free. With our original designs and cool styles, Sleet & Sole socks are the best bamboo socks ever and the only bamboo socks made in the USA.