Celebrate Earth Day 2022: Invest in Our Planet

Earth Day is a time to reconnect with our planet and reevaluate our impact on the environment. This year’s theme is investing in our planet—simple every day choices have big payoffs. At Sleet & Sole, we know that these choices start with what you put on your body from the feet up.

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Bamboo is a fast-growing grass that requires little to no irrigation (saving tons of water), and no need for pesticides or chemical fertilizers keeping these pollutants out of the environment. Bamboo also prevents soil erosion with its root system and produces a third more oxygen than the same area of trees. Bamboo is the ultimate renewable fiber source and can be transformed into high performance bamboo yarn with lower environmental impact than other natural and synthetic fiber sources.

Merino wool is one of the best renewable yarn sources. It is natural and biodegradable meaning the earth will actually absorb the protein and amino acids back into the soil. Merino wool is also naturally moisture wicking and odor resistant-making merino wool ideal for any weather, including summer days, or conditions, even for extreme sports.

Recycled and upcycled yarns are a great way to make your investment in our earth go farther. By working with materials that have already been made and not put to use, recycled yarn manufacturers turn what would have gone into landfill into beautiful, durable, and performance materials.

By incorporating plastic bottles that would otherwise pollute waterways and oceans, REPREVE® yarns literally help clean up our planet, one recycled plastic bottle at a time. Each pair of Sleet & Sole REPREVE® socks is certified as recycling 3 plastic bottles.

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At Sleet & Sole we invest in our planet every day by using eco-friendly yarns.

Join us this on APRIL 22, 2022 to celebrate EARTH DAY by taking another step toward sustainability.