Polyester Doesn’t Have to be a Bad Word…Not When It’s Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles

Even before the “green” movement made its way into fashion, there have been those who turn their noses up at polyester. To be honest, I was among them. But without reading the label and judging just on feel, and other qualities like moisture wicking, color fastness and durability, I had to admit polyester has a lot of appeal. With virgin polyester, though, there is unnecessary waste and contamination—definitely not a sustainable fabric and there was no way I could use this fabric in our socks.

Enter polyester that is made from recycled plastic bottles and you have a game changer. Not only does this recycled yarn have all the advantages of polyester as a fabric, it reduces waste and diverts other plastics, particularly plastic bottles, from our oceans and landfills. This “waste” finds new life again in sustainable fashion.

socks made from recycled materials made in usa sleet and sole

Socks made from recycled materials.


To be honest, I too was skeptical at first. Recycled polyester is still polyester right? Would our customers really buy socks made from recycled plastic bottles? Would they question the comfort, even care about the impact on the environment? Would they really be convinced? Then I made my first pair of recycled socks using Sleet & Sole signature designs for enhanced comfort and undeniable style. Needless to say, I was 100% convinced that this fabric was here to stay. And I’m not the only one— more and more clothing companies, big and small, are embracing yarns made from recycled materials every day.



With your purchase of one pair of socks from our recycled collection, you are saving three plastic bottles from polluting our oceans, lakes and rivers or clogging up landfills for potentially hundreds of years. Now that’s a sock you can feel good about.