Stop Smelly Feet in their Tracks with Recycled Socks

recycled plastic bottle

No one likes to admit their feet are stinky but when people wince when you take off your shoes after a long walk, it’s time for an intervention! Your sweaty feet are not all your fault. And there are steps you can take to reduce foot odor and moisture. 

The easiest and most comfy solution is finding socks that keep your feet dry and odor free. Our recycled socks use specialized high performance yarns that have inherent qualities that make them moisture wicking, directing sweat away from your feet, and breathable, to improve air flow around your feet. 

Luckily, we have done all the hard work to save your feet from sweat and odor. And we did it with our recycled socks so with each pair, three plastic bottles are given new life instead of being thrown into our oceans and landfills to pollute our environment.  

Our recycled socks are not just good for your feet, they’re good for the planet. And with all our cool, original designs, they’re good for your style too. 

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