Why American Made is More Important than Ever this Holiday Season

Buying local is always important for the local economy by supporting jobs and small companies in our communities, and environment by reducing shipping distances and carbon footprint.

When we buy American made products, we support manufacturing in the USA and decrease our dependence on the whims of the global market, gaining more control of the quality and pricing at the same time.

This holiday season supply chain bottlenecks and skyrocketing transportation costs, mean less products mean imported goods aren’t reaching the US as quickly and when they do, they’re more expensive than ever.

At Sleet & Sole, we have always believed in the spirit of American innovation and industry which is why we’ve built our business here.
We make everything here and have you covered for the 2021 holiday season.

From our matching mommy and daddy Santa Socks, classic dress socks, small batch merino wool artisanal socks and our new limited edition recycled backpack collection–look no further for all of your gifting needs.

Check our Limited Edition Recycled Backpack Collection.