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Sleet & Sole means sustainable American made socks. We are one of the very few sock manufacturers in the USA, let alone in the NYC area. Because we work tirelessly and do everything ourselves from design to product development to manufacturing, we don’t have to compromise… and that means neither do you.

And we are as committed to sustainable practices as we are to excellence. It’s a commitment that begins with the yarn we use from our recycled socks made from recycled plastic bottles to small batch merino wool socks to FSC bamboo fiber socks. But sustainable socks made in the USA don’t have to be boring or fall short when it comes to comfort.

At Sleet & Sole, we produce eco socks with the highest quality sustainable fabrics, unsurpassed coziness, and unique designs you actually want to show off.

Bamboo is an eco-friendly, renewable fiber source. It grows super fast, needs much less water than other materials like cotton, and doesn’t require pesticides.

FSC logo sleet and soleThe yarn we use for our Bamboo Sock Collection is produced from bamboo that is FSC certified, guaranteeing low environmental impact and socially responsible practices during harvesting and processingInherent qualities of bamboo fiber make this fabric super soft and incredibly breathable: qualities that make our bamboo socks super cozy and the best socks for sweating feet!

Rercycled Socks | Sleet and Sole

Up to 95% of recyclable clothes and textile waste wind up in landfills each year. (info from recover site) By partnering with textile producers who use high quality fabric “scraps”, we give these garments new life in our American made recycled socks.

Recycled yarn doesn’t require water or harmful chemicals. Using recycled yarn eliminates the need for water that virgin crops require, and harmful chemicals that are part of some conventional yarn processing.

An estimated 70% of recyclable plastic bottles wind up in landfills or the oceans. (from Recover site) But they don’t have to. These bottles are completely recyclable into a variety of applications.  To date, billions of these plastic bottles have been diverted from our waterways and garbage dumps and transformed into high performance sustainable yarns.

Using a blend of recycled textiles and PET from recycled plastic bottles, these yarns take eco-friendly to the next level. We weave this yarn into a sock with maximal strength and softness with super-low environmental impact. Now that’s a sock your heart can feel good about…almost as good as your feet will feel while you’re wearing them.

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